In the final hours before the darkness falls, an old man- once the most powerful soldier in Chung Kuo- paces his rooms, the ghosts of the dead surrounding him.

From Mars the news is bleak as Chung Kuo's largest planetary colony finds itself entangled in a destructive civil war, while at home the Seven find themselves fighting the shadows of their own great Ministry, The Thousand Eyes, in a struggle for ultimate political control.

In America a victory for the forces of unchanging order turns into a disaster greater than Chung Kuo has ever known. And a great consipracy among Chung Kuo's very rules threatens the T'ang, Li Yuan, himself.

In this volume of the Chung Kuo saga, Wingrove draws us deep into his gurure world of princes and power-brokers, revolutionaries and visionaries, painting vivid figures on a massive landscape.

Complex, sometimes magnificent, often horrifying, Chung Kuo is our world, transformed by the mind of a master novelist.

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