There had been war- a war which the great world-spanning empire of Chung Kuo had survived. But at a cost.

The Seven- rulers of Chung Kuo- were weak. Weaker than they had ever been. Now, in the teeming lower depths of their great City, the current of change is flowing again, turning the Great Wheel, and one event- a murder, perhaps, or a palace plot- might throw the world into chaos once more.

Now, in Chung Kuo: The Broken Wheel, Wingrove broadens his canvas and gives us another rich and evocative grand tale. It is the story of four men from all walks of society, whose fates are inexorably intertwined like the yin and yang. It is their treachery and heroism, betrayal and love, intrigues and adventures that drive this fascinating tale to its ultimate conclusion, and change the course of humankind.

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