Projected Checker Maven Publication Calendar

This calendar is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and is subject to change without notice.

Mar 27 *Beacon Cafe: New Challenge

Apr 03 *Speed Problem

Apr 10 *Checker School

Apr 17 *Marvin in the Playoffs, I

Apr 24 *Beacon Cafe: The Big Match

May 01 Prize Problem

May 08 Checker School

May 15 Marvin in the Playoffs, II

May 22 Beacon Cafe: Rematch

May 29 2021 ACF Tournament

Jun 05 Speed Problem

Jun 12 Checker School

Jun 19 Uncle Ben's Porch

Jun 26 TBA

Jul 03 4th of July Special

Jul 10 State Fair

Jul 17 Tommy's Summer Camp

Jul 24 Marvin's Vacation

Jul 31 Sal's Week Off

Aug 07 Hot Speed Problem

Aug 14 Checker School

Aug 21 Marvin at Training Camp

Aug 28 Sal Gets Lonely

Sep 04 Labor Day Special

Sep 11 Beacon Cafe: A New Season

Sep 18 Checker School

Sep 27 Marvin J. Mavin, TBA