Projected Checker Maven Publication Calendar

This calendar is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and is subject to change without notice.

May 16 *Beacon Cafe

May 20 *CV-4 Solution, *Problem CV-5

May 23 *Memorial Day

May 30 *Marvin in the World Series 1/2

Jun 03 *CV-5 Solution, *Problem CV-6

Jun 06 *Speed Problem

Jun 13 *Checker School

Jun 17 *CV-6 Solution

Jun 20 *Alex's Compositions 1/2

Jun 27 *Marvin in the World Series 2/2

Jul 04 *4th of July

Jul 11 *Checker School

Jul 18 *Alex's Compositions 2/2

Jul 25 -Sal's Vacation

Aug 01 Speed Problem

Aug 08 Marvin at Training Camp

Aug 15 *Checker School

Aug 22 Uncle Ben's Porch

Aug 29 Editor's Choice

Sep 05 Labor Day Special

Sep 12 Return to The Beacon