Projected Checker Maven Publication Calendar

This calendar is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and is subject to change without notice.

Dec 09 *Fast Win

Dec 16 *Three Move Opening Part 1

Dec 23 *Holiday Special

Dec 30 *New Year's Special

Jan 06 *Speed Problem

Jan 13 *Checker School

Jan 20 *Three Move Opening, Part 2

Jan 27 *Tricks Traps & Shots Installment

Feb 03 *Speed Problem

Feb 10 *Checker School

Feb 17 Editor's Choice

Feb 24 Three Move Opening, Part 3

Mar 03 Speed Problem

Mar 10 Checker School

Mar 17 Checkers in the Outback

Mar 24 Three Move Opening, Part 4

Mar 30 Editor's Choice

Three Move Opening is expected to be published in seven parts, from about December 2017 through about June 2018.