Checker Maven Donations Policy

Access to the content provided by The Checker Maven is free. It always has been and always will be. Furthermore we do not and will not accept third party advertising and remain non-commercial, neither seeking nor earning any profit.

That doesn't mean that The Checker Maven runs for free, however. Costs have increased greatly over the years, and merely supporting our webzine on a shared-host server now (end of 2019) costs over $250 per year.

But it gets worse. We are on a "legacy" server with legacy software and the time has come to migrate, lest we face serious service disruptions in the not too distant future. That migration is estimated to cost as much as $1,000 in out of pocket expenses, although we're doing our best to mitigate that.

We've reviewed our previous donation policy. Up to now we never sought and indeed would not accept donations toward our costs. We had thought to change that, as we're facing some steep costs in 2020.

But in the end we decided to stay with our original policy. The Checker Maven remains forever free, and we won't create "classes" of readers depending on if, or how much, one has donated. Our "no donations asked or accepted" policy remains in place.

Please just keep in mind that this is a volunteer effort, paid for out of internal funds, and while we do the best we can, there are always limitations.

Thank you for being a reader of The Checker Maven.